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Turn the Link Around (Love to Link Percussion)

September 21st, 2010 · 1 Comment

It’s been far too long since I paid homage to the work being done on other blogs around interweb, so as I’m busily researching the topics we’ll be discussing tonight on The Joy Behar Show (I’m on tonight at 9:00 PM!), I encourage you to research these fine sites and delicious items.

  • Over at Low Resolution, Roommate Joe has delivered the latest installment of his Fall Movie Preview. His write-up on Jackass 3-D is funnier than anything Johnny Knoxville has ever done.
  • As a side dish to his typically excellent film coverage, Nathaniel at Film Experience wrote this great piece about the tenth anniversary of Madonna’s Music album. Yes, it has been a decade since that album. Cue my shiver as the cold fingers of death dance lightly up my spine.
  • Over at HitFix, Alan Sepinwall voices my sentiments about the general goodness of the Boardwalk Empire pilot and the nagging muddiness of the “who stole the liquor” plotline.
  • And finally, the Amateur Gourmet makes peace with his recent trip to McDonald’s.

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  • 1 John C. Bailey // Sep 24, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Any interest in Joy’s convo with Rachael over the PCRM’s “McDonald’s Death Ad”??

    I’m the actor who played the corpse in the ad. Just wondered if you have an opinion.
    Here’s what I posted on the WaPo blog about same:
    “Many opinions on this ad, and I see your points in most cases. Mine is from the point of view of the actor playing the dead guy. Thing is, I didn’t know what the job was, just $200 to play a dead body for a day. Struggling actor. A guy. A job. Sure, my body type and age were right for what they needed, but as I laid there for 8 hrs, I realized that I WAS that guy. Whether you end up seeing these images or not, my body at one point was covered with fast food containers and cold french fries. Feet taped together for juuuuust the right angle to have the Arches superimposed. Ironically, treated like a side of beef. Consider: It was MEANT to be incendiary. Remember elementary school? “Meet me by the backstop after school” and the whispers of “fight…backstop…3 o’clock”?? You think the PCRM doesn’t WANT a public fight? That they used the Arches thinking they WOULDN’T be sued? That they don’t already have a cadre of pro bono vegelawyers with mountains of evidence? McDonald’s has lost this fight before, and PCRM knows it. McDonald’s: “Eat lots of our food and have fun!” PCRM: “Don’t do that. Avoid fast food and meat, eat healthy (veggie), live longer. Oh, and btw, Mickey D’s? Bring it.” Yes, there are many others out there promoting the fast food nation without remorse, but PCRM decided to load for bear. So, judge as you will.
    All I know is, if the ad was shot today, I wouldn’t get the job. Because I played the dead guy? No, because I know how to eat healthy and I want to die slower. Oh, and I enjoy cooking. Was the experience just one more, ironically “real”, wake-up call that I had a unique way of relating to because of what I do? Yes. From “being” dead, not from watching the ad.
    Healthier, mostly meatless eating habits, fast food = trail mix and fruit, and 30 lbs later, I’m Lovin’ It.”

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